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Shipping Guide

Ship with Your Own Supplies





Label your Items

Use zip-lock bags or large envelopes to group your items.  No need to label individual photos & slides.  Just place them in groups & label the groups.  Do not write on the back of photos with a marker.  To label Video Tapes or Film Reels use a label/tape and a sharpie.


Inventory your Items

Count everything and fill out the inventory section of the order form.  If you don't know how to identify your items that is OK.  It is important that we know how many items or grouped items are included in your package.


Package your Items

Wrap tapes, film reels & slide trays in bubble wrap.  Place photos & loose Slides in envelopes, small boxes or zip lock bags and then wrap the grouped items in bubble wrap.  For added protection, place everything in a solid plastic container & place it in shipping box.  We prefer that you leave your slides in carousels or trays when possible.



Click on "Print Form" below to print an order form.

We recommend UPS or FedEx.

EZship Kit or Memory Box


The Easiest Way to Pack & Ship


How it Works

For a Memory Box you pre-pay for the kit and services up front.  For the EZ ship kit you pay for shipping & supplies.  For both options, we send you a shipping box & supplies to safely package your items.  A pre-paid UPS shipping label is also included.  All you have to do is pack your items.  When you are ready, just call for pick up or drop it off at your local UPS Store.  A $15 Gift Card is included to cover the cost of the kit so you only end up paying for the pre-paid shipping label.



ORDER EZship Kit


Sturdy Box

UPS Label

Bubble Wrap

Packing Tape

Zip Lock Bags


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